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Stratford Price Capital

(204) 691-6264

6-434 Archibald St, Winnipeg MB R2J 0X5


To help us ensure we get the right people in touch with you, please choose from one of the following options:

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Great decision! By filling in your information below, you agree to be added to our buyer list and be sent real estate deals that you can make money from. Joining this list is the only way to get access to financials on new wholesale deals! New deals are being added every week!

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You’re on the inside track. By filling in your information below, you agree to be added to our buyer list and be sent information on our newly renovated houses coming to market. Join the list and get a chance to buy our renovated houses privately to avoid bidding wars, fees, wait times and competition with other buyers!

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You’ll want to fill out this form if you fit into the following two categories:

  1. You have a home you want to sell fast. You’ve seen the work we do and you’re convinced we can buy your house fast, with cash, and little to no conditions. You’ve thought it through and the house is more of a burden than anything. Let’s turn that thing into cash in your pocket. We have the capacity to close and close quick.
  2. You KNOW OF someone else whose life would benefit from selling a home they own fast with a cash offer from us. We can’t think of a potentially easier way to earn $500 – $1000. That’s what you’ll earn for every referral you send us that we close on. That’s a screaming deal for you. One phone call and you’ve qualified yourself for earning that cash. If it’s that easy, keep your eyes peeled for us around Winnipeg and keep shooting us addresses, names, and numbers!

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Please describe the house and the situation you are facing. If possible, provide an address for the property. That way, we can get your quote to you faster.*

I would describe the state of repair of my house as:*
She's a beauty! ($0-$1000)Minor work needed ($5000-$10,000)Lots of work needed ($30,000-$70,000)It's a teardown! ($100,000 +)

My ideal solution looks like:*
Cash FAST! 7 day close. No terms.Can wait for cash if needed. 30 day close. Some terms.Cash not important. Not urgent. Preferred terms.


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We focus on doing renovations right. We need to work with great people who take timelines seriously, are ORGANIZED, and have a real “get it done” mentality. We are always looking for great contractors. So please, if this sounds like you, if you’re a fan of what we do and want to work on our projects, fill out this form and we will get in touch!

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Tell us briefly about yourself and what you'd like to see in a working relationship with us.*


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For any questions that don’t fit into the other tabs, fill out this form. We will get back to you shortly with an answer to any questions you may have.

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